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Computex Taipei 2018

Invitation Letter

Dear Lady and Gentleman

You may be very busy as you work diligently, but we never forget you.

You may be somewhere I don‘t know, but I miss you from time to time.

Warm-hearted people from NST wrote the welcome paean again and again.

This letter is short but the passion is so hot. Let's meet together in Taipei Computex and enjoy the passion, it would be so wonderful……

It is our honor to invite you to visit our Booth in Computex 2018 during 5th to 9th of June ,our booth number N0114(on the fourth floor) in Nangang Hall, you will see our new products such as latest tablet PC ,Notebook, Smart Robot etc….

We sincerely wish to cooperate with your esteemed company and hoist the sails to the beautiful bank.

Highly appreciate you visit our booth.

Best regards

Sky Ying (GM) E-mail:

MP: +86-13802563656

Lydia (VGM)E-mail:

MP: +86-13802238376

3/F, Bldg 1, Baicai Intelligent Technology Park, No.30 Cuibao Road,

Baolong Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China(Post code:518116)

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